Streamlining my wardrobe.

The quest for living with less continues. After getting rid of most of my books, CDs and DVDs, I was on a roll and went on looking for cluttered, messy spaces that needed to get streamlined. And sure enough, my wardrobe matched all the criteria. However, these criteria also put me off the job in the beginning because the task just seemed to big. My closet was a mess and contained a lot of impulse buys and things that do not fit me and I just did not want to deal with these items.

Last week however, I finally found the energy to deal with it and on I went. In total, I got rid of 2 big bags of clothing and accessories.
 I am now left with a total of 60 items of clothing, including shoes and jackets / coats. Not included are undies and socks and the like, but I also drastically reduced their amount. After the initial decluttering, I also got rid of a few more items during the rest of the week. While I forgot to take "Before" pictures, I can show you some "After" snaps I took.
My closet is the "Pax" System from Ikea. It consists of two pieces, each is 2.30 meters high and 50 cm deep, set up next to each other. This leaves a lot of room for clothes and I have to say it was almost completely used up.
After decluttering, the right part of the closet now contains hanging items like dresses, skirts, pants as well as T-shirts, cardigans and sweaters. In the top and bottom part we keep some extra pillows and bedding for guests.

The left part of the closet now holds all of my shoes, 15 pairs in total including hiking and sports shoes. I want to narrow the shoes further down to less than 10 pairs and will discard a few pairs of summery shoes when autumn starts. Next to the shoes lives a drying rack for clothes and a small ladder. On top I keep my seasonal jackets and coat as well as some vintage dresses.

At the bottom you can see three plastic bins. One for socks and belts, one for underwear and swimsuits and the last for stockings and panties. Underneath the plastic bins I now keep some spare hangers.

I am very pleased with the spacious feel my closet has now. I can easily get garmets in and out and find things in seconds. I also try out new outfit combinations now because I am more aware of the things I do own.

However, I also found that some of the items I kept are boring me. I have worn the same combinations of clothes for four to five years now and I want to try something new. There are only so many times a combination of pants, T-shirt and a cardigan make you happy. I also feel like this wardrobe does not reflect me as a person anymore. I am turning 35 next year in january and I feel like I have indeed grown out of my current style.

Now I know that a lot of minimalists tell you not to get trapped by sales. However, I had some specific things in mind and found them on sale right now so I ordered them. I am aiming for a small yet versatile wardrobe filled with pieces that can easily be combined into multiple outfits and I want to adjust my wardrobe to meet these criteria.

I am a big fan of project 333 (more info here)and strive for a similar wardrobe solution. I will keep you updated how my wardrobe will change in the coming months, what works for me and what does not. I have created a good wardrobe basis, now let the finetuning begin.

Have a good weekend!