Traveling luxurious with less - a night away from home

One of the things I got addicted to watching on youtube was videos where people would show how they pack just a carry-on for a long trip. I love these videos and longed to be able to do the same. But I never managed. 
On our last vacation we went to Greece so basically all I had to pack were a bathing suit, shorts, tops and skirts. Add minimal cosmetics and sunscreen as well as mt beach towel and I should have been good. Nope! I managed to pack a mind-blowing 18 kilograms of stuff into my suitcase for a week-long holiday. Say what? 
I know. And it was then when I had to schlep the suitcase around Athens while the temperature rose to 35oC that I realized that I had enough. I was grumpy, I was dragging myself forward all grumpy missing some beautiful sceneries... no more, I told myself. Because when we were back home and I looked at the contents of my suitcase, I did not use about 30% of it. On the other hand, I used some items just because I brought them, so... why not? After cleaning out my wardrobe, I could not wait to also try out traveling with less and today, the option came. I have to go to Amsterdam for work and will stay just one night and I would do my best to travel light. 
Here is how I did it. I first thought about the things that were coming up. Work, dinner with a friend, stay in a hotel, more work, traveling home. Easy.
My work, I am a scientist, does not ask for a specifically chique outfit. So I went with my dark blue skinny jeans, black T-shirt (one of the new ones, and it's oh so soft) and a green cardigan. Btw, I skipped the green cardigan in the end only taking the black one with me. 

For day two I would keep the jeans and black cardigan and replace the top with my trusted black and white striped shirt. 

Add a second pair of undies, socks and my nighty to it and that's about it for clothes. I like to wear a bit of jewelry and decided to go with small silver hoop earrings, a silver ring and a pearl necklace. That necklace makes even jeans look sophisticated. And I also took my watch. Major splurge: I brought perfume along. The bottle is very small and the scent is so fresh and uplifting, it had to come.

Then I packed my toiletries and managed to pack it all into my black workbag. Easy to carry, lightweight and I still had everything I needed. Right, shoes. The weather is pretty unpredictable right now so I went with my beige brogues.

That's it. Everything covered and no fuzz running around with a suitcase.