Wardrobe chit chat - Powersuit options for the minimalist girl

Tomorrow I am off for a job interview and while preparing for it, I thought about sharing my powersuit that I keep for moments like this. Normally, as a scientist I do not have to get dressed all corporate and business-like but there sure are moments when jeans and a T-shirt is not enough, even for a scientist. Think congresses, formal dinners and the like. And job interviews, of course. 
While my daily wardrobe contains relatively affordable pieces from just your regular high street chains, this suit was an investment, and a good one. I bought it ten (!!!) years ago for 200 euros, a lot of money for my little technician salary but even then I realized that this piece was worth it. The suit is a black pinstripe and the cut is so classic there is no way one can tell it's actual age. I have been keeping good care of it in those last years and it is still in mint condition. 

Because the suit is made from a very high quality material, I bought a plain black pencil skirt that I can pair with the blazer as well and already, three pieces - the suit pants and jacket and the skirt - give you two options to wear.

Now all I needed were tops to wear with the suit. I have two, a blue blouse from H&M and a beige silk top from Esprit collection. They both go with either the pant suit or the skirt option. Voila, four options!

And recently, I replaced an old cardigan in my wardrobe with a new, black and white one that is slightly more elegant and also goes with the skirt for less formal yet chic occasions. Again, that cardigan goes with both the silk shirt and the blouse and we are up to six outfit options.

To finish it all off, I wear a pair of black Mary-Jane's from Clark's. These are really new and my proudest find in a while. They were on sale from 100 euros down to 69 euros and during checkout they got even more reduced down to 50 euros. The are so comfy and a great addition to my shoe collection. Needless to say, one of the other pairs may have to go now to prevent my closet from crowding up again...

How does your powersuit look like and how could I improve mine? Let me know!

P.S.: I know that the quality of my pictures is poor lately. The reason for that being that my camera gave up and I do not have the money the time to buy a new one. So for now I have to take pictures with my phone.