A warm spring wardrobe effort in chocolate, stone, teal and rust

Right, so I am slowly making progress. Slowly with a capital "S", that is. Knowing your type and puzzling around with color palettes is one thing, actually finding garments that fit the bill is a completely different cup of tea.
You would not believe how hard it is to find chocolate brown tops! It is fall, after all. Is fall not the season for chocolate brown and rust? Why oh why do most companies make tops in black, blue and beige and stop there? Really? This whole wardrobe adventure is taking on a whole new level of planning. Do not get me wrong, though. I am all up for the challenge. Something to do with when I am told it is impossible, that my inner 6-year old becomes stubborn and wants it all the more. So be aware of me, retail industry!

In a first effort to sort my thoughts, I made a putative wardrobe the other day. I thought it may help me getting a better visual image on how things will work out the best together. It actually helps and I encourage you to do the same. Once you plot down the things you want and the color they should be in it helps you from buying random things just for the color and in the end having nothing to wear because the pieces do not work together. So hurrah for planning out what to get in which color (roughly) but to be honest, finding the right pieces still is a whole different story.
Anyways, here is what I came up with. The chart shows my current obsession with black and navy and how to get towards a more fitting wardrobe. I have to say that I will not stick to the scheme like glue. "Stone" for me counts as grey, and grey can also be darker then the original stone color. Where I live, we have loads of rain and light colors are just impractical. And if I cannot find proper "stone" colored shirts to fit me and do not make me look like a corpse, I will go back to darker shades. But before I start altering, at least I should try and put some effort into buying the items I was thinking of.

And did I mention the Vivienne files already? Yes, I did. And why? Because this woman is just incredibly talented in creating wardrobes. Here are two of her suggestions that come pretty close to what I am trying to achieve.

The last two especially resonate with me. Let the outfit planning begin!