First go on the new warm spring palette wardrobe - four days away

Hi there,

I am back from a week in Amsterdam, celebrating my friends' graduation. She now is a PhD, and she defended her thesis so well while looking sharp although being seven months pregnant. One stylish PhD more, hurrah!

As for me, I got to wear the first round of my fall capsule wardrobe. It has been unseasonably warm the last couple of weeks after I finally purchased it all so I had to delay, delay and delay some more... Annoying. But last week the weather got colder and I could finally test-drive some of the combinations I dreamt up before. I spend five days in Amsterdam, one of which was the graduation of my friend and spent entirely in a LBD. The other four days I alternated between a pair of jeans (dark wash) and my new green miniskirt from Zero. I combined both bottoms with either a powder-blue or a black T-shirt from S.Oliver (sorry, they are sold out now). To finish the look, I took two cardigans with me. One is dark brown and again from S.Oliver, the other a beautiful rich marigold from a German store called Karstadt. Four outfits for four days, all worn with the same dark brown ankle boots from Deichmann.

I got a lot of compliments on the marigold cardigan and have to say that I also love the rich yellow color myself. I am thinking about expanding on this color, just have not figured out how yet. Maybe a skirt or a sweater in this color?

Any negative points? Yes. I still have trouble finding tops that fit my new color scheme. The black and blue are remnants of my old wardrobe that I try to "wear off", because I bought them recently and they are too new to be tossed. But once they are good to go, then what? Finding dark brown T-shirts happens to be a challenge and I am not feeling comfortable wearing bright colors when it comes to tops... See, still work in progress, but at least I feel like owning a good basis to build on now.

Alright, here it is now. An overview of my outfits from last week.