Warm spring palettes galore

Remember me? Crazy wardrobe reconstructing lady? Guess what? I am still in the process of figuring out the color combinations for my capsule wardrobe. A while ago, I told you my two options that I thought would work best for me. But here is the thing. Being a strong believer in black, black and mostly black for the last ten and more years, how would I know that these color actually suit me? I never tried "marigold" or "rust"!

So I set out to create more options to choose from, more palettes to go for, should I realize that the current combination is just not for me. To explain my current concept, I still love dark base colors. I am a bit... shall we say "apple-shaped" and darker bases for tops and pants are making me feel more comfortable. Thing is, at the same time my black-on-black wardrobe bores me to death. So I really want to make an effort and introduce color to it. That out of the way, here is how it works. I chose two base colors for tops and bottoms mainly, represented in the first and third column. Then, I looked for two color shades that would go with it and that I liked (duh!) which you can see in the second and fourth column. These I plan to use for skirts, cardigans, bags, scarfs, and the odd shirt once I find the guts to try a colored shirt.

Want to see what I came up with? Here it goes:

 These were the first two options I came up with. Now here is more:

I like the 4th option a lot. I think the royal blue and pumpkin really pop against the dark basics.

 Terracotta and Kelly green? Yes, please!

That last palette looks nice as well. Not sure if I can pull off cream though, being so fair-skinned.

Now that I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time with Illustrator, I guess it is time to hit the shops and actually try on some of the colors to see what works and what does not.