Recap: Warm Spring Type wardrobe fixing fall / winter 2014

It is officially fall here now. I am waking up to misty meadows, the sun rises later in the morning, the leaves are turning and there is this autum-smell in the air which I love.
Like I said in my previous post, this finally gives me the opportunity to test-drive my new capsule wardrobe. While doing so, I discovered that although the changes I have made were very focused and well-planned, I did not adhere to my wardrobe fixing scheme completely. Let me show you what I had planned once again and then discuss how it actually went.

Reminder: I am a warm spring type with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. In terms of which colors suit me, I mostly worked with this sheet which can be found on my Pinterest page.

 Here is a an overview of the plan I had come up with to adjust my current, rather boring black and navy heavy wardrobe with a color scheme that fits my complexion better. 

Nice and structured, the way my inner scientist likes to work. But not quite what happened. Want to see how it went? Here it comes:

Tadaa! While this is close to the scheme (sort of), it most definitely is NOT the scheme. Why not? For three reasons.

1) When taking a closer look at my old wardrobe, I discovered that I had forgotten to mention the few pieces that were not either navy or black. Oh well, there really were just a few and they easily drowned in the sea of dark colors around them. So to my surprise, I did own some red and beige. The beige piece (really, like in one piece only) was almost falling apart and the red pieces (yes, there were two) were no better. So out they went.

2) While I would have loved to try out some rust-colored items, there were just none to be found that also fitted me. And as far as stone-colored clothing went, I found one T-shirt. There were trousers as well, do not get me wrong. It just struck me that buying such a light color when the seasons of rain and mud are approaching may not be such a wise decision. So I went with grey and some black leftovers instead.

3) Getting rid of the navy items was easier than getting rid of black. That was the biggest surprise to me. Navy would not have been too bad for my color type. You know, not ideal but acceptable. But as it turns out, I had worn my navy-pieces so much that I just got sick of them. They had to go, the sooner the better. And so they went. Well, all except for one pair of jeans. Getting rid of black was more difficult, though. I love the way it conceals my larger bust and a few extra pounds here and there. Also, I have been wearing black for so long so much that it became natural to me. I still want to replace it, but finding proper tops to replace the black T-shirts is just harder.

So there you have it. Good intentions is one thing, availability of the right colors a totally different cup of tea. Either way, it is important to try and make the most of the available options and I am more than happy with what I got, even though it may not all went exactly according to plan.