Wardrobe overhaul with a color palette - smooth transition or going cold turkey?

The other day when I got dressed, I looked into my closet and was surprised by the amount of black that still remains. Adjusting my wardrobe to a warm spring type palette was a big deal for me and the items I got felt like major changes. And it still feels like a big step. In a good way, that is.
Every morning, I open my closet KNOWING that there a a lot of outfit options waiting for me. Something I always used to struggle with. But: even though I applied some major changes to my wardrobe, I did not throw out everything that did not fit the scheme. Rather, I decided to go slowly and replace some of my staples one by one.

Why? Because I was terribly scared to let go of my favourite color! Oh well, it actually was not that dramatic but there is some truth to this point. I have been wearing black for years and years, especially black T-shirts. They cover up all those areas I do not want to emphasize and they do it well. But black is not really a good color for me. I cannot even tell you how many times people told me I looked tired and sick. So while I wanted to change that and get dressed with more flattering colors, there also is the element of habit and it is hard to just change over night. Also, there is no reason to change over night. This wardrobe overhaul was my idea entirely and there is no need to proceed at any other speed than my own.

What does all this waffling mean? It means that I am changing, on the outside and inside as well. I am slowly getting ready to let go of that unflattering uniform of black with black and even more black and allow myself to look softer and more glowing. Allow myself to experiment with color and style. And grow, little by little, to become happy in my own skin and content and proud with how I look. No more black to hide!

In conclusion, I will - sooner rather than later - replace the last remnants of black tops from my wardrobe. To be fair, I am getting quite bored by them. But it will happen at my own speed and only in exchange for tops that fit me 100% well and make me feel great about myself.