Thrifty-nifty kitchen improvement: rustic potato storage

Do you know the feeling when you look around a room and there are a few things that are just not quite right but ok enough so do not have to take immediate action? So you leave them be for the moment and before you know it, that moment has turned into a year?
Oh my, I know that feeling so well. And it gets fueled by all the other things that seemed to be interfering with my sincere (ahem, who am I kidding) drive to change the eyesores we still have here and there. My list of excuses is enldess:

  • deadlines at work
  • other, more important chores at home
  • no money to fix it
  • no skills to fix it
  • need to watch "The Great Allotment Challenge" on BBC now
  • need to watch "Gardener's World" on BBC now
  • uh, is it that late already?
  • ....
I could go on and on and as a result, the eyesores are still there. But enough is enough now. I am determined to get going again. Days are getting shorter and there is not that much to do on our balconies, so I might as well focus on the interior again. Today's project: Our potato storage. Yeah, that sounded pathetic, even to me.But I want a nice home. And storing your potatoes in a black garbage back to keep them from turning green is not helping.

So here is what I did. Ridiculously enough,  it only took me five minutes to fix the eyesore but eight months to finally do it...

Our potatoes are stored in a basket that actually is a vintage woman's handbag. To keep them from going green and toxic, I lined the beautiful 50's handbag with - no kidding - a black garbage bag. Sad.
To fix it, I took a burlap-bag I had for a while and stuffed the black garbage bag into it. Then the stuffed burlap bag went back into the basket and got filled with potatoes again. Voila, done! Now, the spuds will still be protected from light, but the burlap will look that much nicer when combined with the basket.
Of course, everything is so much more interesting with pictures. Even pathetic little things like these...

The "before" pic
 In between. Garbage bag disappeared into burlap bag:
 After. Nice, rustic combination that will look great in our kitchen... and do the job