Upcycling: homemade birdfeeder

With all those upcycling projects all over pinterest and youtube, how can one not get tempted to try one out? Yes, I know. Impossible. It is just so cool to see the transformations. Garbage becoming new, cool and useful again. I loved the idea and thought about a project that was easy to do, rather straight forward and also useful to our home.
The choice was made quickly, I needed a birdfeeder that would be less accessible to crows which are infamous over here for taking away food from smaller birds.

I had a few empty bottles lying around, took my toolbox and got cracking. An hour and some trial-and -errors later, I had my birdfeeder and the smaller birds went crazy about it already.
Here is what I did:

So there you go. Easy, peasy birdfeeder which cost me an hour of my time and nothing else!