Closet organization update winter 2014

Do you also like to watch how other people organize their wardrobes? Me too. Oh, and "What's in my purse posts". Love those as well. Although I do not quite understand why. Oh well, maybe because I am your number one procrastination queen and thus cannot help myself. Yes, that's it probably.

Oh well, in order to give back a bit I decided to also share the contents of my wardrobe now that I have my capsule wardrobe planned out and going. At first, it looks like a huge thing, right? The boyfriend let out a little gasp when it was assembled. It is a Pax wardrobe from IKEA that I purchased in 2007. I chose two units with the size 50x58x236cm instead of one 100x58x236cm unit, just because I knew back then that I would have to move again and two smaller units fit new apartments more easily than one big one. You know, you can split them up, one goes here, the other one goes some place else... I also went with the highest option they had. German and Dutch apartments are tall enough for them, unless you move into one of those cute little cottages.... But let's face it, I could not possibly afford one of them. 

So the wardrobe is placed in our office / dressing room. You can see my container for stationary and all things work and the printer to the left and my mister's chest of drawers to the right. Don't worry, he also has a closet to hang things, this is not all he is allowed for clothes ;) Enough of the rambling, let's take a look inside, shall we?

 Tadaa! So the first thing you may notice is that this closet not only houses my clothes but quite some other things. I will show you what. Let us start at the very top.

 The black  box to the left contains capsule wardrobe items that are currently not in use. Think summer tops and skirts, shorts and light jackets. On the right I keep some extra bedding and bedsheets for visitors.

Moving on along the left side I keep all of my shoes and my rain gear in two hanging organizers. Yes, they are from IKEA as well. I also keep a drying rack and a small ladder here as well as my "power suit", protected in the white cover.
 Underneath the shoe compartment are three plastic baskets. One is for socks, one for undies and the last for tights. Then on the bottom you can see an orange box that houses my boots and some extra pillows for our garden chairs. To the left on the bottom I keep another spare blanket for guests. This is for colder weather.
Above the spare blanket on the right side of the closet I have my PJ's and some vintage cardigans. Those are more for vintage events and are not counted in my capsule wardrobe. Above the PJ's you can seeall my tops and sweaters. The tops are part of the capsule wardrobe as is that green sweater peeking out of the right side pile. The same pile also holds my workout clothes.

And to conclude our little tour, here is the hanging rod on the right side of the closet. This is where most of my capsule wardrobe is hanging. I have two LBDs to the left, a lighter one for summer and a woolen one for winter. Those are not part of the capsule either, because I only wear them to very specific events. But all the rest is my capsule wardrobe. Almost forgot, in the very back of this picture you can also see my black bag that I take with me for job interviews.

So that is it. This is all the clothing that I own. The best thing about my decluttering frenzy from a few months ago? I can easily find things. There is plenty of space on the racks, shelves and in the drawers. No squishing things in, no deciding against an outfit because I am too terrified to get it out or cannot find it anymore. Bonus: my clothes are less wrinkly which means less ironing. So far, I really like this minimalism thing. A lot.