Makeup for the holidays - inspired by Vivianna does makeup

First things first, I am NOT a makeup person. Well, I do my makeup in the morning, but it is very, very basic. Foundation, set with powder, then some light beige eye shadow, some neutral accents, brown eyeliner, mascara, blush, a nude lipstick and I am good to go. Not fancy, but tried and tested and the best thing about it: I am ready in less then ten minutes.
See, I really do not like to spend ages in front of the mirror and tinker around with a gazillion things. I get annoyed by having makeup stuff lying around the house and more important, I also get overwhelmed.

And then something happened. So I have been watching the videos from "Vivianna does makeup" for quite a while now. Slightly strange, right? So I cannot be bothered with putting effort into my makeup routine but like to watch her videos. Oh well, what can I say. Maybe watching others explain about their skincare routines keeps my mind off of the fact that I actually SHOULD do more for mine as well. After all, I am turning 35 very very soon and there is no way denying that my skin needs more attention. Ok, enough of the rambling. Where were we? Right, makeup.

A while ago Vivianna posted a video with a very holiday-appropriate makeup look and while watching, it hit me. I have all the things she used as well. And it sound like a look that would also go with my very fair complexion and strawberry blonde hair. So for the first time ever, I not only watched someone do their makeup, but acutally felt inspired to recreate the look.

Please find the original video here. I adjusted a few things to match my complexion better. Instead of black, I used brown eyeliner and mascara and my blush was more towards peach rather than rose.

So how did I do it?

Here are the products I have used. Mind you, most products were purchased either in Germany at Rossmann or in the Netherlands at Kruidvat. And no, I am not being paid by any of them.

Foundation: Rival de loop Natural lift makeup, color no. 01
Compact powder: Catrice All Matt powder, no 010
Eyeliner: Sante dark brown, no 02
Eyeshadow to go over the whole lid: Rival de loop eyeshadow mono nude matt no 12
Eyeshadow to go on the lid: Naked Basics palette, Urban Decay, color "venus"
Eyeshadow for the crease to give more definition: Naked Basics palette, Urban Decay, color "faint"
Mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express in brown
Blush / Rouge: Hema Satin Blush Powder, No 5

Lipstick: Lifinity by Max Factor in color "So Glamorous"

That's it. Easy peasy and very holiday-ish but still wearable also for us warm spring color types.

Happy holidays!