Traveling for the holidays - what I will pack

How did that happen? It's already that time of the year again. Holiday season is approaching fast and that means, traveling is coming upon us as well.

The mister and me usually spend one part of christmas with his family and the other with mine, meaning we will travel between Germany and the Netherlands. Also, we usually go somewhere nice for new year's, thus another trip.

I enjoy going places, especially visiting my family. We also get to see some of my friends and rinse it all down with mulled wine. What's not to like? Right, carrying luggage. I have very traumatic memories from a few years back when I schlepped a 50 liter backpack and a little trolley through ice and snow and into crowded trains. Never again, I vowed myself. So this year packing will be more streamlined and clever. Getting the most of my garments and if necessary, use my Mom's washing machine in between. So for today I would like to share with you what I pack and how that translates into outfits.

Packing part one consists of a six-day trip to my parent's house. Loads of visiting friends, the christmas market, shopping with my mum, stuff like that. Low profile activities. This is also reflected in my wardrobe. Cozy, comfy and not to crazy. I will take some nice jewelry with me to spruce up some outfits, though.

For part two, I need to plan with both nice evenings out and rough weather. We will go to one of the Dutch islands in the north sea for six days. Activities may range from cycling and walking on the beach to having dinner with my mister and some family members. Here is when I do plan in a pair of jeans. Just to make sure I have attire for really rough weather. I may also bring another pair of shoes in case one pair gets really dirty or wet. But I am not sure about that yet. Again, pretty simple and cozy outfits that can be easily dressed up a bit with some jewelry.

Plenty of options to choose from and a real test for the capsule wardrobe. I am very excited to see how it will work out.