Traveling for the holidays - what's in my wash bag / beauty bag?

After showing you what clothes I will pack for two six days trips around christmas and new year's, here is what I will carry with me in terms of toiletries and makeup.
My wash bag is from Reisenthel, it zips open and can be hung up so you can easily see and reach all the contents. I bought it two years ago and it still looks brand new. Here is to quality!

I am also a firm believer in travel-size items so I always decant some shampoo, makeup remover, haircare products and shower gel into smaller containers.

As for makeup, I like to only carry what I will definitely use. Because we are going away around christmas, I will pack my trusted Urban Decay Basics eyeshadow palette together with some red lip stain for a more festive makeup look. If a red lip does not say glamorous and festive, what does, right? Also, I am bringing some more luxurious jewelry to make my outfits look more elegant.

Ready for the detailed breakdown? Here it comes:

Top row from left to right:
  • cotton pads in a bag so they do not end up all over the place
  • brush, travel size of course
  • old Pelikan box for jewelry
  • hair conditioner, decanted into a small white jar
  • headband
  • face mask
  • body lotion
Lower row left to right:
  • makeup remover, decanted into travel-size pump bottle
  • shampoo, decanted
  • shower gel, very small I know but my parents have plenty so no need to carry much
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush, travel-size
  • razor, I replaced the blade before packing it so no need to take another blade with me
I will also add these skincare / makeup items:

From top left to bottom right:
  • brushes: 3 eyeshadow brushes (may skip one of them), 1 blush brush, 1 powder brush
  • liquid foundation
  • moisturizer / daycream
  • compact powder
  • blush
  • mascara
  • Naked Basics palette
  • matte eyeshadow ( may skip this as a similar color is included in the Naked palette)
  • eyeliner
  • lipstick
  • 2 semi-permanent lipstains, one for daywear, one for festive events and their topcoat
After packing the whole lot I was a bit taken aback by the amount of stuff. Also, the washbag itself is quite massive. I love the pattern and the sturdiness of the bag, but it does take up quite a bit of space. For the future I will definitely see if I can condense both the contents and the bag itself to a smaller size.