Christmas and New Year's in pictures

Happy new year everyone!

I am starting the new year lightly because I am still so light-headed from the feeding frenzy that was our last two weeks of holidays. By now we have been eating so much and in restaurants so often that we are actually looking forward to some nice and simple home-cooked food. The food we are used to. Like soup-tuesdays and salad wednesday. And a simple stew every once in a while. No more cream and butter, no more extravaganza. Just simple to digest, no fuss recipes. Bliss!

Sorry, were was I? Oh, right. Easy start into the new year. Well, why not start with a recap of our two week long holiday in Germany and the Netherlands. We spend christmas eve at my parent's place because in Germany the 24th is the big day. That's when we gather around the christmas tree and unwrap presents.
We also took the opportunity to visit the nearby town of Bad Pyrmont and pretended to be owners of the castle.

On december the 25th we went back to the Netherlands and celebrated christmas with just the two of us gazing at our cute little christmas tree. Oh, and we have lights all over the room to make it even more cozy.

On the 26th we headed to the traditional christmas dinner at my mister's mother's house. No pictures from there, I must have been in a carbohydrate coma that night. 

The next day we packed things up again and headed for the island of Terschelling in the Dutch north sea where we celebrated new year's. 

Now we are back, relaxing on the couch and washing a ton of dirty clothes. Was it worth it? Oh yes! We had a great time. 
Happy 2015 everyone!