Christmas travel evaluation - Did I pack smart enough?

So the holidays are over and we are all starting to gain conscience again after two weeks of feasting and mulled-wine frenzy. Time to look back and evaluate. Looking back at the whole year may be boring for you so I will focus on a more relevant subject.

This blog is about living with less, capsule wardrobes and, oh well, even though the word is almost being abused by now: minimalism.

Before heading off to two weeks of indulgence and general holiday coziness, I showed you what I was planning to pack. Here is the original post, if you want to check back.

Now it is time for the fun part. Did my planning really work out? And how well? Short answer: Almost. 
Long answer: The basic setup was alright. Neither did I freeze my toes off nor did I boil in my clothes. The weather was as expected, grey, dull and rainy and not too cold, just what I had planned for. 

As for the amount of stuff I carried, I had some hits and misses. I did not overpack much, you bet I learned my lesson from the crazy Greek holiday packing frenzy. But still, some items were not used as much as I had planned and could have stayed home.

Here is a recap of my first travel, a week at my parents' house:

While I loved the skirt and top, I just did not like them on me. Not really sure why, as I was wearing them before. But not this time. Lesson learned: only take what you really, really, 100%, really love.

Then, after spending a week in Germany, we came back for some christmas celebrations with my Mister's family and left again for New Year's on a Dutch island called Terschelling. After a week of heavy, greasy, creamy feasting, I knew I needed exercise in my life. I also knew that we would go for four days, including one day of travel and a New Year's dinner so my initial scheme needed some adjusting. Here is what happened to it:
I added my swimsuit, because the hotel has a pool and I wanted to make use of it, duh. I also took my running gear with me (here is where I got the jacket, shirt, pants similar to what I wear, shoes) and last but not least, purchased a soft grey cardigan in the sales to replace the teal one I had because it was just beyond representable. The cardigan is a real gem, so soft and cozy. It also works really well with my black and white dress. Combined with some nice jewelry the outfit looks very festive and chic and will be used for New Year's. Love it!