First new growth

I am typing this while the apartment is covered in mist and I cannot even see the houses on the opposite site of the street. Still, I had to share this with you.

My bulbs are starting to come up! First bits of new growth on our otherwise still dormant and sad looking balconies. Hurrah!

Last year in october, I replanted two containers with bulbs for some nice flowers come spring. Click here for the original post.

Now, half-way through january, I can see first bits of green peaking through the soil. They do not quite look like the pattern I planted them in, but they are there.

In the tin container, you can see first growth of Iris reticulata "Harmony". This should give pretty blue flowers from as early as february / march.

In the little blue ceramic pot I planted a crocus called yellow giant.

A nice buttery yellow, this little fellow should come up slightly before the iris and complement the dark blue nicely, giving some bursts of color to the dull grey weather we are destined to endure here.

Come on, grow little bulbs and make me happy!