I am back and a spring summer color palette preview!

Ok, so I am finally back to blogging. Whohoo! Sorry it took me so long, but some very exciting things happened in between. In short: I submitted my doctoral thesis! Ok, I still need to defend the thing but as of now I am done with my doctoral research. Feels both great and a bit strange... When you have done something with all your heart for five years and then it is over... oh well. This is the course of the (PhD) world. Also, while the thesis may be done, I still need to find a job which is a fulltime job in itself. So I am busy with that. And with my last papers. But that is all work stuff and we are not talking about that here. On to the things we do talk about here.

Focus on my wardrobe. In the last phases of writing, I was practically living in sweatpants and very, very old sweaters and just could not be bothered. Sorry to admit it, but I so let myself go. There, I said it.

Now the good thing about living like a schlump for a month is that you crave nice clothes. I want to get dressed up nicely. I want to try new colors. And I really, really want a new capsule wardrobe for spring and summer. My fall / winter capsule has served me so well, but is showing signs of wear and after using it since october last year, I am looking for something new.

I still love the capsule wardrobe idea, but for the future I will probably try to edit it every three months with a few new pieces to keep the whole thing more interesting. Continuing with the warm spring color palette from last fall / winter, I have been playing around with different color combinations for spring and summer.

As you can see, I am all up for blues, greens and probably a summery yellow. I specifically like the last palette. Very close in tones which makes it easy to combine. Or maybe I will go for the third option. We will see.

Another thing that will be interesting is that I am even more on a budget than before. I am currently unemployed, we are planning to move house and some other big project is also planned so I want to keep my budget small. I have started to pay regular visits to my local op shop and found some nice pieces so with a bit of luck, I can save money AND have a new wardrobe in a few weeks. Will keep you posted.