Back again and exciting news

Yes, I am back. The last months have been so busy in so many ways I had to focus for a while and leave the blogosphere.

A short summary of what has been going on here includes the following:

- defending my thesis so yes, I am finally a PhD now and for the first time in ten years have a real job

- that job is another thing that happened. I have a new job in a new city and I love it. Great team, great challenge... bring it on

- my mister also has a new job, luckily close to the city I am working in

- which brings me to the next point: we moved house for our new jobs

- and if that was not exciting enough, we did all this ( yes, including the PhD defense) while I am pregnant

Yes, great news. We are expecting our first child!!! And soon. My due date is in three weeks. We are thrilled and happy and grateful and scared as crap and cannot wait to meet our little man. Right, man. We will have a baby boy.

The reason I did not mention my pregnancy here so far was that:

a) I was too busy doing all those things mentioned above

b) so many others covered the whole pregnancy / maternity topic that I did not feel like I could add much.

Also, it was not really something I was busy with myself. I was lucky enough to inherit a lot of maternity clothes from a friend of mine and only supplemented with bits and bobs here and there. For the most part, I wanted to be comfortable and have a lot of options for outfits without thinking too much about them. So while the color scheme was not 100% fit for me, it was a great, paired down and efficient capsule wardrobe that got me through 9 months of pregnancy.

I did however learned a lot from dressing while pregnant and will use this knowledge in my coming fall / winter capsule wardrobe. But more on that in a later post.

See you soon