Warm Spring type wardrobe color palettes fall winter 2015 / 16

So the big waiting game is still on. No sign of the baby coming yet. But plenty of family and friends asking daily "how we are doing". That, to you non-pregnant people out there, is code for "Did you give birth yet????".

Honestly, if I ever find myself wanting to give advice to another pregnant woman I would tell her to keep her due date vague. If you tell people the actual day, they start counting down with you... AND reminding you on a daily basis that the baby is not here yet. Sorry, I am ranting.

Back to the topic. Fall is approaching and I have been looking at color combinations for my upcoming fall / winter capsule wardrobe. Last year, I was transitioning from a black and dark blue heavy wardrobe to colors that suit me better but because I had quite a few new black items yet, I did not go all in for it. Also, after living in black for so many years, dark clothing was my security blanket (and quite literally so).

This year, after test-driving lighter colors during pregnancy, I feel more confident to try me real colors and get rid of most of my black. Most, I say because my LBD is just the most perfect dress for looking glamorous and / or smart and it will stay, no matter what.

So here are a few color combinations I am thinking about trying out.

Which scheme I will be using will mostly depend on what items and colors I can find in stores this year, but I am especially intrigued by incorporating camel. I also love grey this year so that will definitely be a neutral. As will be dark blue / navy. My current wardrobe is very heavy on blue and I must say that I love it.

From last year's wardrobe, only a few items will make it to this year's capsule:

This has a couple of reasons:

1) Items have been worn out.

This happened to most of the capsule items from last year. Because I had a limited amount of things, I wore them frequently. I also was not sure if this whole "dress to your type" thing was for the long run so I did not invest in high quality items and let's face it, cheaper clothes wear out faster. So I had to get rid of my favorite marigold cardigan, the dark blue T-shirt, and a few other things because they were past their prime. 

2) I did not like the item as much as I thought.

This I guess stems from the fact that I was entering new territory. My black and dark blue uniform days were over and I wanted to dress according to which colors suit me the most but at the same time, I had no idea what I liked and which colors to use for tops or bottoms. So after trying them, I decided that some combinations just were not meant for me and will not return this year.

3) I am tired of the item.

This is something that can happen when handling a very limited selection of clothes. At least, it happened to me. While wearing some items resulted in me loving them even more (hello marigold cardigan!) others met the opposite fate (so long, dark grey jeans).

Right, so over the next couple of weeks I will keep a close eye on my favorite shops and map out which colors are abundant this year. Then, once our little baby boy has arrived and I can start wearing normal clothes again, I will start trying on things and getting that new wardrobe going.