Ready at last! My fall / winter 2015/2016 capsule wardrobe

Tadaaa! It is (almost) finished. My capsule wardrobe for the upcoming fall and winter is ready.

Deciding on a color scheme took me longer than expected. While the neutrals were sorted out pretty easily, navy and grey, please, the accent colors were more difficult. Also, I took a good long thought about which items to get in which colors so that I could mix and match most efficiently.

And last but not least, there was another issue to consider... my post-pregnancy body. Now I am not going to lie to you, this was the hardest part to come around. I am still carrying a couple of extra kilos with me but more shockingly, I feel like my body proportions changed as well and I have trouble getting used to my "new shape". So the idea of using bright accent colors took a minute to get used to. But here I am, with a very condensed wardrobe that will allow me to look presentable but still will not break the bank.

I still plan on getting a few items, hence the box in the lower right corner... but with what I have so far I can get a fair amount of outfits done.

Take a look!

You may notice that these are a meager 14 pieces of clothing and wonder how many outfits can actually be created with such a small number of items... Fear not, I got you covered.

Have a look, here are some suggestions.

 Not bad, huh? The only thing is that I really, really have to be on top of my laundry so that all pieces are available most of the time. For that reason, I will stay on the lookout for some more pieces to expand this initial core. Nonetheless, this is a good start and I am very pleased with it.