The capsule wardrobe revisited... outfits that did or did not work

Right, so we are three months into the fall / winter capsule wardrobe for 2015 / 16. Time for a quick recap. A sort of "what worked and what did not" kind of post.

This is my most paired down wardrobe ever. With just 14 pieces including two pairs of shoes this may be extremely little for most people but like I said, I had just given birth and still battled the extra kilos. Most of my old clothes did not fit me (yet) and I did not want to invest in a lot of new things as I do not plan on staying the size I am.

Another point to mention is that the dark blue skirt did not make it into the capsule eventually and was replaced by grey ankle trousers. The skirt just did not fit me right and I thought about keeping or not keeping it for too long to be comfortable with it. When you only have 14 items, you better love them all!

Now that this is out of the way, here is how it went. It worked extremely well in terms of outfit choices.Below I have listed the options I have and apart from one, they all worked. The dress and blue blazer combination was a good idea in theory but looked wrong when I put it on. ALL, yes all, other combinations worked out but I admit that there were favourites and least favourite ones. I marked my favourites with the blue tick off sign.

Another thing worth mentioning is that because I stuck to only four colors: grey, blue, brown and forest green, I could literally get dressed in the dark knowing that whatever I will grab will work. How cool is that???? And you know what, with a newborn sleeping in the same room, there actually were days when I did get dressed in the dark and very, very quietly so to make sure the little one would not wake up.

Now this capsule worked very well for fall and the very mild (read: ridiculously warm) winter we had so far, but now that the weather is getting a bit colder, I need to adjust a few things. And of course I will keep you updated on this as well. Post is coming...