A new beginning...

Hello again,

it has been a while and my last post was anything but positive. I was, I still am for a good part, burned out. It was all too much. Work, home, life,... I just had no energy left anymore to deal with any of it.

The good news is, I am better. Much better. And I have gotten back to work, slowly re-integrating myself and getting back to a full-time work schedule. But it is surprisingly hard to do that. I am still easily exhausted and have to take good care of my energy level if I want to get through the day. So it will take a while until I am back fully. And then again, being back implies that you will carry on as BEFORE. But I am not that person anymore. This experience changed me for good and getting used to the new me while take some getting used to.

Through all this, the one thing that always cheered me up was... my garden! Yep, the teeny-tiny front- and back yard that was mostly bare soil after stripping it last autumn was the one thing that made me happy. Planning the layout and what we wanted to plant in it kept me busy and cheered me up. Sowing the first veggies and plants to start them indoors this march gave me new hope.

This little space means much more to me than I could have imagined. So here is the plan:
This year, I want to see what I can make of it. We want to plant it up with delicious fruit and veg, add some flowers to the mix and of course, give our little boy lots of space to play and discover.

Alright, concentration capacity is used up. More on this plan of our later...