The possibly tiniest homestead there is

So, I am going to try and feed the three of us from the produce we can generate in our front- and back yard. Easy peasy, I hear you say, if your yard is big enough. But this is just the thing. It's tiny!

We live in a nice, old home build in the 1930s and the piece of land it sits on is rather... small. At least it is small compared to similar houses in other parts of the country. When living within commuting distance to Amsterdam and Utrecht, having a garden is fantastic by itself. No matter the size.

Nut when these houses were build, the intention was for the residents to use the land for planting a garden. To grow their own food, at least a bit of it. These were the houses of the middle class, but the middle class still was depending on growing their own food. Even more so when considering that the 2nd world war was just around the corner. Food became scarce the longer the war took. As a matter o fact, the winter of 1945 was so grim and took so long that thousands died. They had survived the war, but then they starved because there was no food. My mister's grandmother vividly remembered having to eat tulip bulbs that very winter because nothing else was left.

So I kind of feel that I am on a mission here. I feel almost obligated to bring the garden back to its former glory... and it's former purpose. So serve as an option to feed the family living here. Now, lets have a look at what we are dealing with in the back yard, shall we?

Here it is, in all its glory. You can see a border to the left, a sandbox, a coldframe and another small border where the pergola is. That is it. At the moment, the garden is brimming with tulips and soom my giant alliums should appear. But you can also see little bits and pieces of food emerging. You just need to look a bit more closely.....

Oh, those tulips are gorgeous!!!! We are so happy each morning when we open the curtains and see them standing in the border, bright and tall. Fantastic!

But let's take another look at the border. Can you see something else?

Raspberries!!!! And a mini-pear tree. Yes, we were sneaking in some fruit. In total, 6 raspberry plants are planted here which should give us fruit from may until october. I do not expect wonders from the pear tree this year. Fruit trees need time to mature. But then again, it is a patio tree, so who knows...

And on the other side of the garden there is even more!

Strawberries in baskets and a redcurrant underplanted with wild rocket. Behind the redcurrant you can just see another terracotta pot containing more rocket and a few carrots and a plastic balcony bin with cut-and come again salad. And the olive tree... oh well, its just there because its pretty and that is fine, too.

And the pergola? We planted the little bit of border around the pergola with radishes and more carrot. We like carrots over here. Lots.

Not a bad start, I reckon. Now we have to make sure things are actually growing and staying alive.