Grow baby, grow!

Thought I would share a quick overview on what we are growing right now. Our kitchen windowsills have become a jungle and the minimalist in me cringes at the ever expanding amount of little plants taking over the counters but... BUT: the urban homesteader is cheering for the precious little plants to grow and become stronger.
I can grow plants!!!! How amazing is that feeling when you plunk a few seeds in the soil and after some time, you can see those first leaves coming up. Carefully poking their head through the soil, the new plant emerges. And if you care for it well, it will grow and develop into a beautiful strong specimen, ready to go outside and finding its place amongst the other greens. Love it. Love seeing the green jungle expand and grow bigger. Because every plant that will make it, means food or beautiful cut flowers on the table in just a few more months.

So, what are we growing in our first season on the tiniest homestead? Take a look:

 Basil, lupins, aquilegia

 French beans

 Cosmos, scabia, and sweat peas (at the very back, to the left)

 Cherry tomatoes and a closer shot of the sweat peas

 Cucumbers and courgette (zucchini)

The idea is to have it all. Why start small, if you can have it all, eh? Next to the perennial plants, tree and such, I want to have veggies to feed my family with, and some cut flowers for the table every once in a while. Also, flowers attract bees and the more bees, the more fruit and veg. 

And that is always a good thing.